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Jack O'Lantern

an old celtic story

There was a boy called Jack who wasn't afraid of the devil! He went to a crossroads at midnight to meet him. There they made a deal.

Jack said "Look, you just let me have seven years full of all the fun I like. Then you can come and take me to hell with you."

The devil agreed and Jack did just as he wanted for seven whole years. But one day the devil came back for him. He knocked on Jack's door, and he let him in.

"Come in" said Jack, "but before we go, just reach up above the door and get that old shoe for me, could you?"

The devil was happy to help. He stretched up his hand.... but Jack nailed the devil's hand to the wall.

"I'll let you go," laughed Jack, "but you must promise not to come for me any more".

The devil promised, but when Jack died, no one wanted his soul. Heaven refused him - so did hell.

"Be off with you," snarled the devil and he threw a ball of fire at Jack.

So Jack scooped out the insides of a turnip and put the ball of fire inside to light his way... so Jack just wanders, shining with his fiery glow!!


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