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Hallowe'en Poems

to make you smile

WANTED - A WITCH'S CAT by Shelagh McGee

Wanted - a witch's cat.
Must have vigour and spite,
Be expert at hissing,
And good in a fight,
And have balance and poise
On a broomstick at night.

Wanted - a witch's cat.
Must have hypnotic eyes
To tantalise victims
And mesmerise spies,
And be an adept
At scanning the skies.

Wanted - a witch's cat,
With a sly, cunning smile,
A knowledge of spells
And a good deal of guile,
With a fairly hot temper
And plenty of bile.

Wanted - a witch's cat,
Who?ot afraid to fly,
For a cat with strong nerves
The salarys high.
Wanted - a witch's cat;
Only the best need apply.


FANCY DRESS PARTY by Kathryn Jackson

'You're Jack!' said a cat to a pirate bold.
'You're Jill!' said Captain Jack.
Then everyone guessed who everyone was -
Except one little ghost at the back.
One little ghost who trailed along
As friendly as he could be,
But very hard to guess about -
He was often so hard to see.
He wouldn't talk, that one little ghost,
All he said was, 'Oooo! Oooo! Oooo!'
And he didn't eat any kind of treat,
Which was most unusual, too.
And when all the others took off their masks,
All that little ghost did, was steal
Up the hill toward the haunted house -
So maybe - he - really - was - real!


JOLLY JACK by Kathryn Jackson

I'll make a jack-o'-lantern
Of this pumpkin, round and big;
With a carrot for a nose, and
Lots of parsley for a wig;

He'll have two big leaves for ears,
And a cut-out jolly grin,
To say to folks on Halloween,
'Hello there! Come on in!'


GHOSTS by Eric Maple

When goblins hunt and devils roar
And witches meet on blasted heath
And bony hands knock on my door
You'll hear the chatter of my teeth.

When owls are hooting in the night
And ravens croak from leafless trees
And ghosts come howling gleaming white
You'll hear the knocking of my knees.

Of course, it's not that I'm afraid.
It's just he way my bones are made.